A Writer Who Travels

I am a writer who travels. Whether it’s across my county or across the Atlantic, I find interesting and compelling stories about people and places. My goal is to inspire readers to venture out and explore their worlds. As you can see on my Web site, or what I call my electronic portfolio, I have a number of travel-related articles.

Whenever I write a story — travel or otherwise — I find readers want more information than the publication allows. With the cost of print these days, very few magazines run in-depth travel articles. We can thank the popular USA Today for starting the trend toward McJournalism. That’s ok because writers can continue their prose on the Web where readers find more than they ever wanted to know. And it’s where I now go with great trepidation. I have resisted blogging for quite awhile. It’s kind of like making a commitment with someone — you must show up regularly for it to work and you have no guarantees readers are going to be around all that long either. I hope my musings about interesting places, both near and far, will grow into long-term relationships with readers who really do want more information.

When I am not on the road, I serve as an editor-at-large for Akers Media Group, which publishes Lake & Sumter Style and Lake Healthy Living magazines in Central Florida. I am also a regular contributing writer for several other publications and web sites. In 2012, I received a first place Florida Press Club Excellence in Journalism Award for Travel Writing, which has opened the door to many new places.