Small Scar, Big Results for His Heart

Originally published in Central Florida Health Alliance’s Discover Health, Spring 2010 •

Only eight weeks after undergoing minimally invasive heart valve surgery at Leesburg Regional Medical Center, Richard Kruger, of Eustis, is back in the driver’s seat of his school bus doing a part-time job that he enjoys immensely.

“I knew for years that I had a classic heart murmur,” says the 66-yearold Kruger. “But last summer I became aware that my heart felt a little different—not painful, just different.”

When Alliance Heart Institute doctors discovered leakage in Kruger’s mitral valve and a blockage in his right artery, they recommended heart surgery. Kruger asked about the minimally invasive procedure because he did not want to leave his bus-driving duties to others for long.

“Being able to return quickly to a normal lifestyle is one of the many benefits of minimally invasive heart valve surgery,” says Tim Moore, MD, Leesburg Regional’s cardiovascular surgeon who specializes in the procedure. “Other benefits include less pain, smaller incisions, less bleeding and trauma, and a lower infection rate.”

The success rate for minimally invasive heart valve surgeries at Leesburg Regional Medical Center has been so outstanding that Dr. Moore and his team are now training cardiovascular surgeons from all over the country to do the procedure.

“From the moment I woke up, I didn’t have any pain from that little 2-inch incision,” Kruger says. “I never thought that having heart surgery could be such a positive experience, but it was. The best part is that I’ve gotten my life back faster.”

Heart of the Matter

The Alliance Heart Institute at Leesburg Regional has been recognized as a Center of Excellence for its leading-edge technology and consistently high patient satisfaction ratings. The state-of-the-art facilities along with a strong record of outstanding outcomes places the Institute among the best in the country. # e minimally invasive heart valve surgery is only one of the latest techniques that the board-certi” ed cardiovascular surgeons and cardiologists use to treat cardiac patients. The Institute is also an industry leader in coronary bypass surgery and electrophysiology treatments.

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