Winging It

Going Home Again

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In 1948, a young Pennsylvania woman stepped off the train in downtown Laurel to visit her roommate’s family. She didn’t suspect she would soon meet her future husband at an old-fashioned July 4th picnic. Almost 70 years later, that woman – my mother – told me she knew Laurel was a special place the moment she arrived. In fact, she was incredulous that I even questioned why this small southeastern Mississippi town was getting so much recent attention. When I graduated from Laurel High School, I was anxious to see the world. In those days, it...

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Decorating a diamond

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Originally published in Lake & Sumter Style, December 2014 • Photos by Edson Pecheco When the current owners bought the historic Stetson Mansion in 2005, they described their renovations as “polishing a diamond.” That diamond sparkles even brighter as the increasingly popular Christmas Spectacular gets underway at the 2.3-acre private estate. Every Christmas, JT Thompson and Michael Solari invite a few thousand people to their DeLand home. More precisely, about 8,000 guests are expected to visit this season to view the “Stetson Mansion...

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Reflections of Bordeaux

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While most travelers seek the bright lights of Paris, I prefer France’s smaller cities. Bordeaux quickly became one of my favorite places and not because it’s undeniably the wine capital of the world. The joie de vivre was contagious, and the history, architecture and culture are rich reminders of France’s glory, both past and present, in this enduring and picturesque city. The “Miroir d’ Eau” near the Garonne River is a delightful place for an afternoon of people watching. While photographers focus on the reflections of the...

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National WWII Museum

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December 7, 2013  — A week ago today, I was immersed in war history as I walked through the modern and spacious pavilions of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Today — Pearl Harbor Day — was especially poignant as images from horrifying battle  photographs were so fresh on my mind. I can’t help but wonder how the WWII veterans who experienced those bloody scenes firsthand ever were able to get those images out of their heads. Most did not. The boys who went to fight came home as men, and many bottled up those battle scenes for...

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Overnight Booms

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The news this morning that the small Florida city of Tavares was rocked by explosions from a propane plant during the night was alarming for a lot of reasons. Only about 20 miles from my home, Tavares is a city I’ve grown to enjoy and admire since my move to Florida. In recent years, the city has totally reinvented itself from a non-descript county government seat into a vibrant place that invited visitors and seaplanes. Yes, you read that correctly. Seaplanes! At first people chuckled when they heard the new tagline,...

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Keys to Happy Travel: Patience & Flexibility

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A hotel room with a broken air conditioner is not the way to celebrate the first day of summer… or a wedding anniversary. My husband and I had heard about Miami’s colorful South Beach for years but never made time to go. I had to fly out of Miami International on June 22, so we decided to drive down for our anniversary the day before. A South Beach budget is not for the meek of heart but, after all, it was our anniversary. I booked a fairly reasonable (by South Beach standards) Art Deco hotel on Expedia, and we planned to spend...

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It all started with a restless gene

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Just this week, a dear friend sent me  a National Geographic article saying that people who have an urge to explore can blame their genomes. Specifically, they have a “restless gene,” known as DRD4-7R, and only about 20 percent of all humans have it. I believe I got a double whammy of this restless gene. My dad had no qualms about picking up and moving the family quite often. By the time I was in fifth grade, I had attended five different elementary schools. Before her marriage, my mom worked for Eastern Airlines and used her bennies to...

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A Writer Who Travels

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I am a writer who travels. Whether it’s across my county or across the Atlantic, I find interesting and compelling stories about people and places. My goal is to inspire readers to venture out and explore their worlds. As you can see on my Web site, or what I call my electronic portfolio, I have a number of travel-related articles. Whenever I write a story — travel or otherwise — I find readers want more information than the publication allows. With the cost of print these days, very few magazines run in-depth travel articles. We can...

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