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Mary Ann DeSantisMary Ann DeSantis began her career as a newspaper reporter and photographer after receiving a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Her first boss was an old-school curmudgeon who told her that women should stay home and bake cookies. After proving that she could write concisely and succinctly while on deadline for the hard-nosed Saturday night police beat, she moved on to a career in public relations and marketing.

Mary Ann worked as a program director for the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and as an award-winning corporate speech writer for United Parcel Service in Atlanta. After her husband transferred to Florida, she came to Central Florida Community College, where she handled the college’s advertising initiatives and other marketing duties.

In the summer of 2005, she left CFCC to become a writer and editor for Style Publications. She began her column, “Full Circle,” for the monthly Lake & Sumter Style magazine in January 2007, and the slice-of-life column ran continuously until November 2010. Mary Ann’s latest offering in Lake & Sumter Style is “Saluté,” an informational look at wine and wine regions for novice wine drinkers as well as for experienced connoisseurs.

Mary Ann has written for Ocala Style, Lake & Sumter Style, VLife Magazine, DeSoto/Exploring the South, Casino Pulse Magazine, Seminole Players Life, AARP Florida, Central Florida Health Alliance, Southern Progress Corporation, and United Parcel Service. She also has served as an adjunct instructor in Business English for Lake-Sumter Community College.

A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, Mary Ann has a B.A. degree in journalism with a marketing minor. In 2005, she completed a post-baccalaureate certificate in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida.


  1. Hi, Mary,
    Just looked at your website. Wow! There sure are a lot of us Mary DeSantises around. My sister-in-law in Atlanta is also Mary DeSantis. Thanks for reaching out!
    MaryAnn DeSantis

  2. Hi Mary!

    I am a writer, and keep running into your name when I google myself, so I thought I’d introduce myself. =)
    I am mainly a screenwriter, although I am getting ready to publish my second novel next Spring. I have chosen to write fiction under the pen name ‘Mary Mack’.
    You can find me if you add ‘California Screenwriter’ to OUR name in the search engine. LOL.
    Best wishes, Mary DeSantis.

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